Cool Meteors is an upcoming NFT project made up of 4444 unique colorful hand drawn characters and generated by an algorithm which flying through time and space on the Ethereum blockchain, driven by his community.



Wen mint?

WL: 25 Jun 10am UTC
Public: 27 Jun 10am UTC

How many?

Presale - 5 per address
Publicsale - 10 per address.

How much?

WL: 0.015ETH + Gas
Public: 0.025ETH + Gas

Can I mint on mobile?

Yes, be sure to use the Metamask browser.

Full ip rights

Yes! Full commercial rights to the holders and free to use as long as you own the Meteor!

Is there a whitelist?

Yes, check our Twitter and Discord.


Thi My


The artwork for this collection was digitally hand crafted by a talented 2D Artist, Thi My.



IT Engineer and project manager. In crypto since 2015. Enable users and build cool things in space.